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My favorite thing about nurse mgongal is how quotible she is!!! I have put one of my best quotes of her on a bumper sticker that I will put on my dream car (when I BUY IT that is!)—a 4-door Volvo XC90 that is painted blue

this quote is so profound it gets me every time she tells it to harry when the dank lord is about to kill him. it is so profound yet so deep.

Thare be WIZARDS a foot Harry Potter!

this other one is not a quote per say but something u can put on a bumper to make you know about other fans of macgongerl! wizards "broom" but muggles "honk" (my quote)

Broom ("honk") if you <3 MRS. MCGONGELL!

fan art

professor mcgonagall fan art I paused Harry Potter's Stone right at the best moment to get this face of hers. I think that she keeps her hair in a bub so she can keep students (like nevill and siruis) from having a big crush on her when she teaches the animpomorphs class.
if she takes her hair down nobody will get good grades.

but I have a secret, to me she is still a cutey with this updo ;)

fan book

I started on a new fan book about the best teacher in the whole Rowlingverse: guess who! I think you'll find you like it, especially if you like historical fiction!! here is chapter one


Bill's Help

Professor mccongel flew in through the secret window of the president's bedroom. he was working on a new speech that he had to deliver to the senate the next morning! he was very stressed.

"Bill, bill, bill!" he yelled at himself quietly. "What can we do to help the presidents people?"

Suddenly he felt a small tap on his shoulder. he twisted his neck araound so his head could see behind him, but there wasn't anybody there. he just saw a small cat on the ground.

at first, he thought it was his calico cat, but the cat tapped his leg on the shoulder with the same tap he got on his shoulder. "wait a second!" he said with his mouth spilling hot dogs out of it! "I'd know that tap anywhere!" he winked at the cat, who meowed and then transfigured into the woman who could just help him out now: Mrs. Magonagal!"

"are you working on your speech, mr. president?" she asked, questioningly.

this is state secrets! he screamt

"save it for the missues"

they both laughed hard

she looked at his speech. "mr. President, she said, "this will make your speech better. here is a lesson from my journeys at teaching young uns how to be better: don't be afraid to call them stupid!"

"Ha ha, that's what my wife calls me sometimes! But she IS the secretary of state

"In the future, Bill!" she warned him about how Trelwany's secret was not to be spoken lightly.

He wrote fast. IT'S THE ECONOMY, STUPID But would it work?

to be continued......