You May Fall Victim

One brisk day, as I was making my rounds downtown, I was hurriedly stopped by a man whose face and dress have long evaporated from memory. I do not remember speaking to him, and though it is certain that he said some words to me, it was typical enough street talk to have been immediately forgotten, for I do not even remember ever remembering them. What was striking, though, was the peculiar document he handed me: a Xeroxed collection of affidavits and miscellaneous medical reports, including x-rays with scrawled-on addenda. It seemed as hastily put together as it was pamphleteered, offering little cohesion. What was evident, however, was the incarceratingly-deep paranoia that left a mark on every page. Nikolay Samsonov, the work's apparent compiler, was mentally trapped in a James Bond and Michael Crichton crossover set in the Bay Area.

The essence of the document is that an upper-middle-aged cabal of at least six Russian supercriminals are attacking former dissidents by implanting radio transmitters into the body. Nikolay himself claimed to have had a brain implantation, which he states to have been performed via a flushing of water through his ear canal. Through such surgical operations, these spies were to have supposedly been able to instigate a coup against the United States Government, provided that the devices were implanted into elected officials. As for Nikolay, his role in the takedown was to be a benefactor through extortion through monthly payments of $200, which he refused to pay: a risky maneuver considering the undercover agents poised to kill and assume Nikolay's name and life story.

Nikolay, seemingly understanding the risks he faced and authored, names six of the spies, giving ages for each and approximating their immigration date. Others—or perhaps this same group—“may [have worked] as nurses” at local hospitals, equipped with the tools they needed for electronic implantation and subsequent torture.

But one needn't interrogate hospital staff to gain insight into these crimes: they themselves, with staggering audacity, had it all written down and published in a book, implied to be titled The Terminal Man!

Since at least as early as 2007, and as recent as as at least 2012, Nikolay has cried out repeatedly for justice, but the government has done nothing but dismissed his cases.

You may download the scanned PDF (~3MB) of Nikolay's document. Its full transcript, without images (you may see all of those in the PDF) follows.


victim to this horrible crime

[x-ray of head, labels pointing to "scull [sic]" and "fat"]


Please investigate and remove mongrels from the country (names maybe already changed):

Those Russian speaking commie-nazi criminals demand $10000 in racket money from disabled persons. When refused to pay, criminals begin slowly murder disabled by using powerfull ultrasound guns and implanted radio mikes in larynx (subvocal speech) and inner ears of the victims.

[x-ray of skull and neck, arrows pointing to indiscriminate dots labeled as "IMPLANTS", marked individually as "INNER EAR" and "VIDEO CORTEX"]

[x-ray of skull, labeled as coming from University Hospital]

[Caption to x-ray reads:] BENSON, H. F: LATERAL SKULL X-RAY. (POST-OPERATIVE). Showing electrodes in temporal lobe and computer in neck.

[Scrawled below:] BOOK "THE TERMINAL MAN"



(This form must be attached to another form or court paper before it can be filed in court.)

There is a gang of international communist-fascist conspirators that terrorize former dissidents against soviets, some of them disabled, by implanting micro transmitters with speakers & micro listening devices into various parts of their bodies (ears, larynx, back of the neck). When they put them into the brain, they do this by using water to pump these devices in through the ears. I am fell victim to this horrible crime. At first this losers ask me to pay $10000 in extortion money, then later $200 monthly, but I strongly refuse to pay. In the process they cynically decide to write a book about this crime. Also they may affect my brain waives or brain frequencies to influence my heart and reproductive functions in harm way.This electronic torture starts in may 2005 and since then I heard their threats to kill me daily and 18 hours non-stop (every second) in a raw. This radio attack imposes great stress and permanent damage to my brain and nervous system. At a time they pressure me to commit suicide. They promise to imitate suicide (as a killing method), or release deadly amount of drug from the implanted dispenser. After killing me, they have gangsters (possibly from the Russian mafia), take my place & assume my identity and life story. To cover these crimes, perpetrators may work as nurses at a San Francisco General Hospital or any hospital in Bay area.

Finally this conspirator's said wants to put American government down and make communist or fascist revolution using these devices on elected officials. Hardly to believe, but those persons operate freely over radio spectrum, and they may transmit from Russian consulate. The names of conspirators who immigrate to the USA in 1990s are:

I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct.


Nikolay N. Samsonov

Stop terrorist attack !

Six Russian speaking criminals immigrants to this country in 1990th

are stalking person on disability Nikolay Samsonov-57y.o. They may use police or military equipment (ultrasound guns, larynx micro radio transmitters, implants in video cortex, rectum, etc.) Please help to find frequencies, remove implants and put those perpetrators to justice. Bounty payoff may be huge in $$ millions. (415)-XXX-XXXX [redacted] Nick.